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Killed In Action, Missing In Action, & Died In Service
Jackson Thomas
PFC Thomas died in Phuoc Long, South Vietnam on 2/3/1967 during the Vietnam War - Battle for Cu Chi as a member of HQ-HHC . The soldier's injury type or status was recorded as 'Other Explosive Device'. Thomas originated from Collierville, Tennessee .
On February 03, 1967, the 1/5th(M) commenced an attack at 0818 hours to the area of WT 9869, which was near the Cambodian Border south of the "Dog's Head." At 0900 hours the Recon Platoon was dispatched to sweep the flank of the battalion. At 0906 hours a Recon APC detonated an AT mine with negative casualties. At 1049 hours Company A located a TA/312 telephone in the area of WT 995699. At 1201 hours Company A, 1/5th(M), secured an LZ for the 2/1st Infantry. At 1330 hours elements from Company B received fire from a 57 mm Recoilless Rifle while repairing a track that had broken down in the area of WT 999698. Two Bobcats were wounded. The Recon Platoon was dispatched to assist the Company B elements and while enroute received RR fire resulting in 2 Bobcats being wounded. Fire was returned and the Recon Platoon proceeded to link up with the elements from Company B. At 1459 hours, an APC from Company C detonated an AT mine in the area of WT 999701 resulting in 13 Bobcats being wounded. At 1510 hours, the Recon Platoon, still providing security for the Company B elements, started to receive heavy small arms fire from an estimated 15 to 20 VC in the area of WT 000697. At this time the Recon Platoon had elements of Company B and Company A with them. The APC of the Company A XO was hit by a RR round, killing him and two others on the APC instantly. The VC managed to overtake and occupy the APC, firing its .50 caliber machine gun. A man from Company B was wounded while attempting to take the APC under fire. "He was laying in a small depression next to me with real bad stomach wounds. We tried to comfort him and kept telling him he would be ok, but then all the color left his face and he died. I felt very helpless about not being able to do something for him," recalled a Bobcat that was with him. The APC was recovered at 1555 hours after air and artillery fire was placed into the area and the VC broke contact. During the day 5 Bobcats were killed and 24 were wounded. The VC wore a mixture of camoflauged uniforms and black "pajama" type clothing. It was noted that they fought with considerable determination and exhibited good discipline and fire control. Elements of the battalion closed into a new battalion CP at 1750 hours in the area of WT 977698.