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Killed In Action, Missing In Action, & Died In Service
Michael John Orwig
SGT Orwig died in Cambodia on 5/7/1970 during the Vietnam War - Cambodia Incursion as a member of Delta Company . The soldier's injury type or status was recorded as 'Multiple Fragmentation Wounds'. Orwig originated from Whittier, California .
On May 07, 1970, beginning at 0715 hours, the 1/5th(M) and the 2/22nd(M) crossed the river on the pontoon bridge. The 1/5th(M) assaulted west towards Tasuos. The 2/22nd(M) assaulted south along the river. At 1200 hours, Company B, 7/11th Artillery crossed the bridge and followed the 1/5th(M). At 1300 hours, Company A, 1/5th(M) engaged an enemy force about 6 kilometers north east of Kampong Trach at WT 905670. The fire fight lasted ten minutes. Several enemy soldiers were killed. Also in the contact, one Bobcat from Company A was killed and one was wounded. At 2050 hours, a patrol from the Recon Platoon received small arms and RPG fire northeast of Kampong Trach at WT 911666. One Bobcat was killed and one wounded in the initial contact. One platoon from Company B reacted to the contact and the Communists broke off the fight.