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Killed In Action, Missing In Action, & Died In Service
Paul Franklin Clark
SP4 Clark died in Binh Duong, South Vietnam on 2/23/1969 during the Vietnam War as a member of Charlie Company . The soldier's injury type or status was recorded as 'Gun, Small Arms Fire'. Clark originated from Eau Gallie, Florida .
On February 23, 1969, at 0048 hours, the battalion night perimeter began receiving an 82mm mortar barrage. At 0117 hours, the battalion aid station requested a Dust-off for five wounded Bobcats and one dead Bobcat. At 0158 hours, the Dust-off was completed. Company A had 1 WIA and 1 KIA, Company B had 1 WIA, Company C had 2 WIA and Headquarters Company had 1 WIA. At 0225 hours, another mortar barrage was received without casualties. At 0535 hours, it was reported that FSB Mahone was under ground attack. At 0708 hours, Company A started a sweep of Highway 1 to the junction of Highway 7A and then north on 7A. At 0944 hours, Highway 7A was reported open for traffic. At 0905 hours Company B departed the forward base for a RIF operation. At 0930 hours, Company C departed for a RIF. At 1010 hours, Company B reported receiving RPG and small arms fire 7 kilometers north of Trung Lap at XT 602276. Artillery and air strikes were called in on the suspected enemy positions. A sweep revealed a couple of dead bodies of NVA soldiers with weapons. At 1324 hours, Company B requested a Dust-off for one Bobcat with a gunshot wound. At 1448 hours, Company C reported receiving RPG fire in the area of Xom Moi at XT 620223. At 1453 hours, Company C requested a Dust-off. One APC had been hit twice by RPG fire. At 1512 hours, the Dust-off was complete for three wounded Bobcats and one dead Bobcat. At 1531 hours, Company C requested another Dust-off for four wounded in the same area. At 1550 hours, the dust-off was completed and air strikes started pounding the area. At 1703 hours, Company C reported that they had one APC hit by RPG fire and that they were pulling back to allow more air strikes in the area. At 1757 hours, Company C requested a Dust-off for more wounded Bobcats in the same location as the last Dust-off. At 1830 hours, the Dust-off was complete for six wounded Bobcats and one dead Bobcat. At 1856 hours, as air strikes and heavy artillery were being placed into the area, Company C began moving to FSB Patton.