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Killed In Action, Missing In Action, & Died In Service
David Loyall Berry
SP4 Berry died in South Vietnam on 7/21/1966 during the Vietnam War - Battle for Cu Chi as a member of Bravo Company . The soldier's injury type or status was recorded as 'Multiple Fragmentation Wounds'. Berry originated from Houston, Texas .
On July 21, 1966, Companies A and B and the Recon Platoon departed base camp for a search and destroy operation in the western end of the Filhol. Several preselected objective areas were searched. At 1600 hours Company B became engaged in a fire fight in the vicinity of XT 642217. During the course of the fight one of the APCs moved to attack from the right flank and a command-detonated mine was exploded. There were several cases of TNT and C4 explosives inside the carrier. When the mine detonated, it set off the explosives. The only thing left of the APC was the floorboard and the driver’s steering sticks. There were seven Bobcats in the APC at the time of the explosion. Most of their body parts were located and recovered from around the area. Some were not found. By 1700 hours Company A had closed with Company B and the units moved out of the area at 1800 hours heading for Cu Chi Base Camp. It was noted in a medical evaluation report that "There was difficulty identifying the remains of seven men, who were mutilated when their track exploded. A careful search for remains should be made if tactically possible whenever a body has been mutilated. This could assist in the positive identification of the remains."