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Killed In Action, Missing In Action, & Died In Service
Gary Adrian Barnard
PFC Barnard died in South Vietnam on 9/25/1966 during the Vietnam War - Battle for Cu Chi as a member of Alpha Company . The soldier's injury type or status was recorded as 'Hostile, died while missing, GROUND CASUALTY OTHER EXPLOSIVE DEVICE'. Barnard originated from Chicago Heights, Illinois .
On September 25, 1966, at 0110 hours it was reported that one of the men with the platoon at Go Dau Ha was involved in a shooting incident. Apparently he wanted the services of a female companion of one of the American advisors at Go Dau Ha, and when they were refused he shot the American advisor in the foot with his .45 cal pistol. Company A departed the base at 0745 hours and at 0842 hours one APC hit an AT mine at XT 493316. The explosion ignited the gas tank and eight Bobcats burned to death. Three others were seriously injured. At 0955 hours it was requested that Graves Registration dispatch a team to remove the remains of those deceased Bobcats that were still inside the track. At 0940 hours Company B had one APC hit a mine causing 2 minor injuries but extensive damage to the track. At 0947 hours one Recon Platoon APC hit a mine. There were 3 wounded and the APC was a total loss. At 1100 hours a Company B APC hit a mine resulting in 2 wounded