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In Memory Of Our
Deceased Members
Don Raymond
Full Name
Don Raymond
Date of Death
3 / 15 / 2023
Veteran of...
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War
  • Vietnam War - Battle for Cu Chi
Raymond, Don - From Ontario OR who served with HQ Co. (RECON PLT) & S-5 from 65-67 Hello Mr. Fred Deverse. “I am writing to you on behalf of my father Sgt. Donald W. Raymond. He passed away in March of this year. (2022) He was a member the 5th Infantry Regiment Association and my mother asked that I let you know of his passing to maybe honor him in some way in the Bobcat Bulletin. From my understanding my father enlisted into the United States Army in 1964 and served time in Korea and a tour in Vietnam in 1966. He was wounded during that tour in Vietnam upon a track, manning the machine gun. Though his wounds healed, the experience was with him till the end. He was a kind man and a good husband and father in spite of his troubles and I wonder if his experience made him the morning person he was. He now rests in Boise, Idaho at the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery. With a cross on his marker that reads: DONALD W. RAYMOND SGT ARMY VIETNAM JUL 30 1943 MAR 15 2023 BSM PH HE WILL BE MISSED Thank you, Matt Raymond”