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In Memory Of Our
Deceased Members
Russ Taylor
Full Name
Russ Taylor
Date of Death
11 / 28 / 2017
Veteran of...
  • Vietnam War
Russ Taylor, born 19 March, 1945, finished his life's journey on 28 November, 2017. He was preceded in death by his beloved mother, Lois Smith Taylor, and "special" dad, Earl Taylor Jr. He leaves his wife, Stephanie Bruff, the love of his life, true friend, and loyal protector; his adored sister, Jill Celaya, of Mayfield, Kentucky; two wonderful sons, Sherman and Zachary; a special "bonus" daughter, Amelia and husband, Mike; daughter-in-law, Amanda, and cherished grandchildren, Will and Hadley, his "adopted family" in S. Dakota, and many friends. Russ was a veteran of the Vietnam War. He will be reunited with many brothers that took leave before him. These soldiers have faithfully waited for him to join them, to fulfill his promise to them and to complete the final circle. "Only the dead have seen the end of war."