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In Memory Of Our
Deceased Members
Roger S. Smith
Full Name
Roger Smitty Smith
Date of Death
9 / 10 / 2023
Veteran of...
  • Vietnam War
“Gentlemen ... I'm sending this email to this group realizing that many of these email addresses may be long outdated and some of the people on the receiving end of this email may no longer be living. My name is Tim Lybarger and I am the nephew of Roger Smith --known to many of you as "Smitty." A little over twenty years ago, he attempted to reconnect with many of you after your time serving together in Vietnam. I even had the pleasure to meet a few of you myself when a small group of you gathered in Mt. Vernon, IL. I wanted to let you all know that my Uncle Roger passed away this morning (SEP 10) in Johnson City, Tennessee. His health had been failing him pretty significantly in the days leading up to his passing. It had been quite some time since I had spoken with Roger, but the last time I did, his witty sense of humor, sarcasm, and attempts at masking his big heart with a tough-guy demeanor were as present as ever! I wanted you all to know of his passing as I know he thought the world of each of you and sharing this news with you is the least I could do to honor and pay tribute to my uncle. Wherever you are today, please take a moment to remember Roger. My very best to each of you as I hope this email finds you all doing well.” Tim Lybarger Mahomet, IL ………………